Sluts at Cutten House–Acadia University: An obsession with women’s rights unfortunately helps us forget about humankind’s responsibilities.

Today when I was in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, I noticed people carrying signs. From where I was sitting in the restaurant I was in, I couldn’t make out all of the words, but I did see ‘rapists’, ‘bodies,’ and ‘women’s rights.’ It seems like a write a fair number of blogs about women’s rights. It’s a subject that keeps cropping up. I find it interesting in general, and the random words I saw displayed on the signs I saw today were intriguing. The waitress told me that they were part of a protest and that the evening was going to end with a party at Cutten House, one of the residences on the Acadia University campus. At the party, women will enjoy their right to wear lingerie in public and presumably have ownership over their own bodies. Also presumably, they will now have the wonderful opportunity of being raped when some drunken idiot wants to borrow the ownership of a body sexily displayed in revealing lingerie.


Apparently, women need to have rights that a woman of dignity would not dream of having. Although I am not clear on the details, there’s something about the tagline “Sluts at Cutten.” Making the point that women have the right to be sluts.


Every woman has a natural right to be a slut if she wants. But what is the payoff? People are not supposed to have sex outside of marriage. This is what multiple religions teach. Now, I am not going to judge anyone who does not have the strength to obey this commandment, because as important as the commandment is, human beings are weak, myself included. However, there is a difference between, for whatever reason, succumbing or surrendering to temptation, and wilfully being so ignorant as to be proud of being a slut. To me, a slut is someone who will have sex with many men without discrimination.


If women wear revealing lingerie in public, at night, on a university campus, there will be consequences. They have new rules implemented at Acadia concerning drinking, because last year there was a death due to one young man drinking too much alcohol. However, I am sure a lot of drinking still occurs on campus, but of course it is more secretive now.


The sum of drinking and women wearing lingerie equals bad news. Women now have the right to work outside the home AND still be responsible for most of the work inside it (because you cannot escape biology). If men were supposed to raise children to the same degree that women are, men would be able to breastfeed. There is a natural, Godly plan for each of the genders, and the fact that men cannot breastfeed is a clear sign that they are not the primary caregiver for a young child. Men obviously are supposed to be heavily involved in the raising of children that they have contributed to bringing into the world, but there is a difference between the genders concerning what rights they have, and responsibilities, too.


Women have the right to pay for their own meals in restaurants. So now they work in and out of the home, pay for their own meals, open their own doors, etc. If we get any more rights, we’re going to have to do everything ourselves! 

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  • Jkulls

    Reply Reply March 24, 2013
  • SheaRandi

    Reply Reply March 24, 2013

    The point of the slut walk wasn’t to wear lingerie in public, saying we have the right to be sluts, or about being the primary care giver of children… it was to show the fact that a woman should be able to wear what she wishes without having to fear of being raped. Whether the woman is wearing a more revealing outfit or not she shouldn’t have to constantly fear being attacked. Alcohol is no excuse for a man to attack a woman and wearing a short dress/skirt and/or a lower top is not “asking for it”; no one is asking to be raped. Plus the clothing someone wears does not define a person. Just because someone is wearing a more revealing outfit that does not mean they are sleeping with a new guy every month.

    This whole protest was not a “rah rah, I’m a woman and I demand you to stop repressing me” type of deal. This was about being a human being and demanding the respect deserved as a person.

  • Ummm

    Reply Reply March 24, 2013

    It’s called Slutten Cutten not Sluts at Cutten…

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